Ditch These Bad Beauty Habits to Remove Wrinkles

Remove wrinkles

Wrinkles are almost synonymous to aging. While it is a given that you will get wrinkles once you get older, the truth is that part of the battle isn’t age-related at all. In case you don’t know, your beauty habits and routines have a significant effect on wrinkling. If you want to remove wrinkles effectively, make sure you say goodbye to the following bad habits that you might be doing unknowingly.

Sticking to a Wrong Diet

If your goal is to have a young-looking and healthy skin, one of the sayings you should never take for granted is that you are what you eat. Eating foods with high sugar and glycemic content doesn’t just make you gain weight as this can also make you age. Glycation is a damaging process wherein sugar molecules attach to proteins in the skin that make them malformed and stiff. It leads to loss of contours and elasticity in the face, fine lines, and puffiness.

Remove wrinkles

Refined sugar as well as other types of simple carbohydrates can also trigger inflammation all over the body as it causes an increase in insulin levels. Inflammation forms enzymes that can break down elastin and collage that leads to wrinkles and sagging. 


You might feel the need to remove wrinkles if you are a smoker since smoking is found to be among the top reasons why wrinkles appear in the first place. If you want to say goodbye to your wrinkles, it is best to skip the cigarettes.


Alcohol is a type of hepatotoxin, which means that it can cause damages to the liver. This is toxic to cells that help in body detoxification. All types of alcohol can dehydrate the skin. It will make the skin appear less fresh and plump the following morning. After some time, the skin is going to lose its elasticity and wrinkles will form because of lack of hydration.

In addition, alcohol also has negative effects on the body’s levels of vitamin A that is a critical antioxidant for the skin and body. This also plays an essential role in new cell regeneration. Vitamin A is important in collagen production as well. If you have lower collagen amounts, you will lose skin elasticity. You don’t have to worry how to remove wrinkles if you have enough elasticity and collagen than keep your skin looking young, taut, and supple. 

Not Removing Your Makeup 

Sleeping with your makeup means you will have to remove wrinkles sooner than necessary. The environmental pollutants and makeup that accumulate all day long can seep into pores and break down elastin and collagen. It speeds up the process of aging that can leave you with wrinkles and fine lines. Always cleanse your skin and moisturize before you sleep at night.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum can produce a kind of wrinkle often seen on the lower mouth. This can also cause other problems in your mouth structure. This habit is an easy one to give up, especially if you seriously want to remove wrinkles once and for all. 

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