Flawless gaze, always

Why should you use mascara?

Since the days of the ancient Egyptians, anointing their lashes with a mixture of charcoal powder, crushed jewels and essential oils made the human eye aware of the unbeatable beauty power of mascara. In fact, no cosmetic has a more dramatic effect than transforming short, sparse lashes into long, thick, coquettish lashes that frame the eyes and can make a simple innocent blink look like a weapon of seduction.…

How to Apply Foundation Cream Like a Pro

Using the right tools combined with the knowledge of the correct techniques is essential if you want to apply your foundation cream like a pro. Flawless application of foundation, however, will take a bit of patience and time. 

But the good news is that it is still very much doable. In fact, now is the perfect time for you to take out your cream foundation from the storage since this article will teach you how you can apply this product in the same way that any professional does. …

Sustainable and affordable cosmetics

NYX cosmetics for modern women

There is mainly one company in particular that is committed to making professional makeup even more accessible to beauty junkies. We’re talking about NYX cosmetics.

This brand, known for its wide range of shades, professional-grade palettes, pigment-filled lipsticks, and eyeliner that glides on with precision and ease, has quickly made its way into the hearts of a lot of consumers, even the most skeptical ones.…

Buy the Best Sandals for Girls

Sandals for girls for hot summer days

A sandal is a type of footwear that leaves a large portion of the feet uncovered. This means that this can range from strappy high heels to flip flops. A true wardrobe essential for men and women, a good pair of Mass shoes is the best and perfect choice for summer months. 

Sandals are easy to slip on and off, breathable, and comfortable. They are also practical options for those days at the beach or by the pool. When the day gets too scorching, sandals are also great choices for a quick stroll around town. 

Read on below to know …

Olaplex is the Ultimate Miracle Worker to Save Your Hair

Olaplex is a unique hair straightening cosmetic treatment

It is not a secret constant coloring and dyeing your hair will soon make it turn frizzy and dry, something that no one wants in the first place. After all, who would like to have damaged ends, anyway? But, the good news is that there is now an effective in-salon treatment to help fix your hair woes that you can also use in the comforts of your home. That is none other than Olaplex.…

History of Hair Extensions and Their Evolution Through the Years

Hair Extension History

Did you ever wonder who originally came up with the idea of using the hair of another person and putting it on top of your own hair for fashion? These days, hair extension has become an important part of both pop culture and fashion. Hair extensions will not just change a person’s appearance as these can also make them feel more confident in their own skin, or in this case, their own hair. But the main question now is, where did the history of hair extensions started?…

Foundations and makeup base

Makeups applied on a base look more vibrant compared to the ones used directly on the skin

These two are cosmetic applications. However, each has its purpose. In fact, a base comes first before applying the foundation. In this article, you will learn the difference between the two (many don’t know) and the difference between a makeup base and Primer. These two are mistakenly used interchangeably.…

Why and How to Buy Shoes Online

Buy shoes online

Online shopping is now the trend in almost all types of industries and niches. As far as the female fashion and apparel industry is concerned, there are plenty of profound benefits that you can enjoy whe you buy shoes online.

Convenience at Its Best 

Shopping for shoes online is extremely convenient. After all, you don’t need to get up from your cozy bed, get dressed, then drive to the mall where you have to walk around for hours as you try to look for the shoes you need and want.…

Know Your Makeup Brushes Better

Makeup brushes sets

Makeup brushes play an important role in achieving that airbrushed and flawless appearance so you can be confident every day. However, with all the different types of brushes that you can find on the market right now, buying one can be a quite intimidating experience. 

If you were able to get yourself a multi-pack set, there is a high chance that you don’t know the names of all the brushes there, nor can you identify their specific unique uses. Of course, you can always use your finger to apply your foundation as this has been the tried and tested way …