Alternative to tattoo removal cream

Tattoo nano shock

Have you ever gotten a tattoo then regretted immediately? Or chosen one then halfway you go ‘damn it, I’ve made a huge mistake’? Or it hurt like insanely so you decide to stop?

How about this. You got a promotion then you decide to go celebrate it with your buddies at a bar. On your way home, you see a tattoo parlor and you storm in and ask a tattoo of the face of your boss (You probably dug a photo of your boss from Facebook), then woke up and hate your life about it? Ever done that?

If your …

Hair extension

Hair extension

Fashion drives passion, a common saying among ladies. Women are known to be willing to do all it takes in attempts to enhance beauty. The trend can encompass an appropriate grooming, putting on expensive apparel and winding it up all by a classy hairstyle. In many occasions, the hair you see on their heads may not be natural. What you often say is artificial, a phenomenon commonly referred to as hair extension.…