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Tattoo nano shock

Have you ever gotten a tattoo then regretted immediately? Or chosen one then halfway you go ‘damn it, I’ve made a huge mistake’? Or it hurt like insanely so you decide to stop?

How about this. You got a promotion then you decide to go celebrate it with your buddies at a bar. On your way home, you see a tattoo parlor and you storm in and ask a tattoo of the face of your boss (You probably dug a photo of your boss from Facebook), then woke up and hate your life about it? Ever done that?

If your answers to the above questions are ‘No’, you are not lying, and I believe you.

Ok, let’s get serious now. Even if your answers were all ‘No’ we can agree that there is someone out there that has ever gone through at least one of those ordeals.

Tattoo nano shock

When this happens, what follows is frantic research trying to find the best tattoo removal there is. You find such products as cream tattoo nano shock 1000, plus a hundred many more. Then you breathe a sigh of relieve. Your problem has been solved. Right?
Well, my answer is also NO.

What You Should Know

There are thousands of tattoo removal creams in the market these days, but ones that actually works don’t amount to 10 percent.

Tattoo nano shock

One thing you need to understand is that some of tattoo removal cream manufacturers only make modest claims about their products’ effectiveness. Most of these products only act as a pre-treatment substance before going through laser tattoo removal.


Before you label me a bummer, below are some of the best alternatives to tattoo removal cream.


Excision is procedure that involves cutting off that regretful tattoo. It sounds a little bit extreme, but the process is handled just like any medical procedure done by a qualified doctor.
Before the procedure commences, the doctor will numb the skin around the tattoo. Then the tattooed skin will be removed with the help of a scalpel, then the skin will be stitched back after which you will be given recovery advice.


For this procedure, the doctor will numb the skin around the tattoo then, using an abrasive brush to scrape the tattooed skin.

Laser Tattoo Removal

This is the most common method of getting rid of the unwanted tattoo, why? You may ask. Because it is the best method there is, by far.

The method uses quick flashes of tremendously hot and highly concentrated light to break apart the tattoo ink particles. One of the reasons why this method is the best is that it reaches the dermis section of the skin where the ink is located.


Laser tattoo removal is the best tattoo removal method. Many people actually use removal creams just to fade that ink so that they could undergo fewer laser sessions.
If you still have some beliefs in tattoo removal cream, you can go ahead and give it a shot and let me know.

But on a serious note, tattoo removal creams are not entirely harmless. They can seriously damage your skin. But so as these other alternatives. Nothing is 100 percent safe.

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