Buy the Best Sandals for Girls

Sandals for girls for hot summer days

A sandal is a type of footwear that leaves a large portion of the feet uncovered. This means that this can range from strappy high heels to flip flops. A true wardrobe essential for men and women, a good pair of Mass shoes is the best and perfect choice for summer months. 

Sandals are easy to slip on and off, breathable, and comfortable. They are also practical options for those days at the beach or by the pool. When the day gets too scorching, sandals are also great choices for a quick stroll around town. 

Read on below to know more about sandals and how to buy the right pair for you.

History of Sandals  

Sandals happen to be the oldest shoes that were ever discovered found by the archaeologist Luther Cressman in Fort Rock Cave in Oregon. These sandals were made using sagebrush bark and based on chemical testing, it was found out that these were approximately 10,000 years old. 

Through the centuries and almost across different cultures, the sandals have been among the most common types of footwear. It is mainly because these are inexpensive and simple to produce and are also practical to wear.  

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Sandals originated from places with hot climates with scorching-hot sand, ground with snakes and insects, and rocky terrain. During early years of the Egyptian period, papyrus and palm leaves were used for making sandals. They were deemed as a symbol of status with only the pharaoh allowed to use them.   

There were evidences of sandals discovered in Egyptian tombs from 5,100 years ago and artwork during that time shows sandal bearers that follow the pharaoh. The footwear was considered more democratic for Greeks during 4th century BC even though there was still a display of status with the use of different colors that were pricey to produce, thus representing wealth. 

The Roman Empire’s spread democratized the sandal all over the world. The Roman military used the thick-soled and hobnailed sandal known as the caliga and today’s Gladiator sandal is the more feminine take on this particular design. Romans also coined the modern term sandal that came from the Latin word sandalium. 

When 7th century AD came, it was decreed by the Christian Roman Empire that exposing your bare toes when in mixed company is immodest. The sandal then disappeared in the following 1,300 years aside from those used by monastic orders. 

It was not until late 1920s when sandals got accepted as a type of footwear all over again when the flapper era’s ladies brought back in style the high-heeled sandals that made them into fashion must-have for the women of all the society’s echelons by 1930s.

As a result of rationing of leather during World War II, sandals further rose to popularity since lesser materials are required for constructing them compared to shoes. Summer sandals that feature woven straps made using twisted-up fibers of the non-rationed materials were available as well without coupons.  

When the 50s came, the European men used sandals as their summer wardrobe’s staple while their counterparts in North America found the footwear too effeminate. But, during the 60s, Jesus sandal was introduced by the hippie movement to Americans. Claims state that the gender-neutral and minimalist sandals featuring a simple V-strap and leather sole were great for foot comfort and health, paving the way for the health sandals later on during the 70s like the Birkenstocks. 

Although sandals for girls have found their spot in more formal settings ever since the 30s, sandals for men were never accepted far from the beach or pool. But, the 1990s’ sports sandals made sandals a true must-have item for summer for men who love to spend the warmer days outdoors. The breathable synthetic materials and rubber-treated sole made sandals ideal for outdoor activities like hiking and sports.

The sandal is now starting to be adopted by the greatest designers of the world and is also featured on the runway of some spring-summer collections from big brand names. This is putting the sandals back in the world of fashion. 

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Sandals for Girls

It doesn’t matter if you are buying sandals for girls or boys because there are several universal rules you have to remember when you go about shopping for one. Here are a few things you should watch out for:

Good arch support 

There are simple sandals with stiff sole that may not be comfortable if you will be going for a long walk. If you need something perfect for walking longer distances, it is recommended to go for a sandal with better arch support so that your walk will be comfortable without any pain. 

Sandals for girls Kidaloo
Sandals for girls Kidaloo

No rubbing 

You have to remember that because sandals are only making contact with your feet in several areas, poorly designed and ill-fitting models tend to rub and form blisters. Never skimp when shopping for your sandals to prevent this from happening. You need to pick models with bigger straps because the wider surface area will stop them from rubbing on a certain point.   

A match for your clothes 

Maybe you saw a lovely pair of strappy sandals. However, if they only match one of your outfits, it might be better if you spend your money on a pair that is more versatile. You also need to remember that most of the heeled sandals for girls must be allowed as the focal point of any outfit. Be sure you don’t pair them with various accessories. If you love vibrant colors and loud dresses, it is best to opt for a plainer pair. 

Sandals for girls Replay
Sandals for girls must match clothes

Feet exposure 

The effect of wearing an elegant pair of strappy sandals can be easily ruined by rough heels and chipped nail polish. This means that if you know that you cannot keep up with your foot care routine during summer, it is best to stay away from wearing sandals as much as possible. 

Time and occasion

Finally, you should avoid wearing your platform sandals if you will be going to the beach just as how it is not good to wear your pair of toe-posts to the office. Think of how and when you will be wearing your sandals for girls and purchase them accordingly. Two or three pairs are enough for covering all summer occasions for girls and boys alike.

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